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November 30, 2011


gordon payne

what i can,t seem to understand is why so many people are silent about the lack of justice and wrongs the SSA bestored to them including myself,I worked for 45 years and before i recieved my pay check, ssi medicare and all other deductions were taken out, after recieving for just 4 months they stoped my check for bench warrant that was 20 years old running a stop light,the angency that took out the warant stated they don,t care about it and would not extradite, i took it to the SSA,and still have not recieved a check,this canot be fair to the people who have worked paid into a system only to be denied the benifits when they need it badley, why are we so silent,more than likely i am going to be paid but what about the thousands of us brothers and sisters who don,t even know about the law suite, if there is anything we can do just to get in touch with them track them down anyrhing any help others and myself please use my email address,PS that should be no problem for the SSA to track them they do with WARRANTS DON,T THEY?

Patti Dudek

I agree. There are often times I do not understand what SSA does or does not do. I always tell myself and my clients, “DO NOT LOOK FOR LOGIC.”

volunteer in tanzania

This is an injustice! SSA must come clean with their job.

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