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November 15, 2012


Mary Taylor

This has just happened to my daughter also. I only found out about it last Thursday and immediately reported it to the woman's employer and told them I did not want her coming back. My daughter had told me she talked on the phone, but didn't tell me about the texting until Thursday. It has been going on for the entire length of time the woman worked with her, about a month. She is employed by a service provider and I was told that the case was pending as to whether she was going to be fired. I certainly hope that they do the right thing and don't put anyone else in harms way. My daughter knew it was wrong and knew that I would not want her to come anymore if I knew. Now that I know this, I will be more careful and ask way more questions.


Thanks so much for sharing your personal experience with us, clearly this is a growing problem we all need to be more aware of!

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