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Nobody Won

In Washtenaw County’s primary election, 111,000 of you cast ballots, but only 80,000 voted for a circuit court judge.  That means “nobody” got 31,000 votes – more than any single candidate received. Don’t let that happen in the general election, which begins with the tens of thousands of ballots already in voters’ hands.
People sometimes forget that judges are not designated by political party, so if you just vote a straight party ticket, that’s not enough. You have to make sure to vote the nonpartisan section. For circuit court, that will be on the upper left side of the back of the ballot. It looks like this:



Throughout his legal career, whenever there’s been a judicial election, Nick has fielded many last-minute calls and emails from friends asking for his recommendation. This year he has been on the receiving end, as Nick has received the highest ratings from his peers in the bar association’s judicial poll, and he earned the endorsements of nearly 200 attorneys, including the Vanzetti Hamilton Bar Association, representing Washtenaw County’s African American attorneys.
Nick has also recently earned the support of the Eastern Washtenaw Democrats, the Michigan Association of Justice, the Washtenaw Association of Justice, retired judges Donald E. Shelton and James Giddings, and Wayne County Family Court Referee Nick Hathaway, along with numerous other judges, present and past elected officials, and other community leaders.
So remember to vote for the non-partisan section of the ballot – don’t let nobody win! Elect Nick Roumel, a veteran civil rights attorney, who has vowed to be a voice for justice reform. You can learn more about him here.
Nick also needs your help to get this message out. Please donate what you can:




Let’s make sure that everyone who completes a ballot votes for judge – and fills the box for Nick Roumel. Vote by mail early, or at the polls on November 3.



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Nick Roumel For Judge Committee

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November 19, 2012